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Dangerverse: Battery City [Minimalism]

Third in the Dangerverse series. Battery City! Zex made this fabulous graphic. Because she's awesome.

Preview Image.
layout by sulfuricfusion @ yearzeta

Dangerverse: Battery City
(Minimalism lyt for Aquatic Moon)
Browser: Let me tell you something about this. I designed this with Firefox and, yeah, it looks best in Firefox. The only thing that's weird in the other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera) is a line-height issue in the metadata. Or something. I'm not sure. Those are basically the same. But IE's all stuffed up, as always. Hopefully it's small enough to not bother you.

Screen: Fixed width a little over 800px. Should look fine.

Credits: Icons from Dry Icons (symbolic and coquette) and graphic from Zex.

Notes: Third part in the Dangerverse layout series. Map of Battery City, made by the lovely Zex. Total abuse of transparency here. And color. I tried something new with the metadata and mostly, it's cool.

To Use: 1. Go to the customize page and type "Minimalism" into the search box.
2. Select the theme "Aquatic Moon." (This is important.)
3. Click customize your theme, then the custom CSS link.
4. Set both dropdown menus to NO, and leave the external stylesheet option empty.
5. Paste the code in the Custom Stylesheet space.

Code: Preview Image.

So! If you find bugs and whatnot, please let me know so I can try to fix them asap.
&if you liked and/or used, please comment! Those things make my day.
(and the obligatory: if you use this, please link to yearzeta in either your profile or sidebar.)
Tags: !layouts, layout: minimalism, theme: dangerverse, zher

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