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Dangerverse: Widow [Flexible Squares]

First in a series of the new MCR Dangerverse inspired layouts.

Preview Image.
layout by sulfuricfusion @ yearzeta

Dangerverse: Widow
(oh! a Flexible Squares layout for Blue Gray)
Browser: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE.

Screen: 800x600 is fine, but bigger screens look better.

Credits: Icons from Some Random Dude. Background made from a texture by Dierat on dA. And of course, MCR graphics via the lovely Zex (zeeexito, dA).

Notes: First in a series of Dangerverse inspired MCR layouts. Collab of Zeeexito and Zher. Also, this was my first try on Flexible Squares.

*Ljbar is hidden because it didn't look right, but if someone wants it, I'll, you know, get on that.

To Use: 1. Go to the customize page and type "Flexible Squares" into the search box.
2. Select the theme "Blue Gray." (This is important.)
3. Click customize your theme, then the custom CSS link.
4. Set both dropdown menus to NO, and leave the external stylesheet option empty.
5. Paste the code in the Custom Stylesheet space.

Code: Preview Image.

If you find bugs, please tell me and I'll try to fix them asap! Also, if you liked, used, or have constructive criticism, I'd love to hear about it.
(In the case that you do use, please link to yearzeta in your profile or sidebar!)
Tags: !layouts, layout: flexible squares, theme: dangerverse, zher

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