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In the Stacks / Layers Pt3 (Minimalism)
sulfuricfusion wrote in yearzeta

Preview Image.
(sidebar is at the bottom)
layout by sulfuricfusion @ yearzeta

In the Stacks / Layers Pt3
(Minimalism lyt for Aquatic Moon)
Browser: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE.
Designed and looks best in Firefox but it looks fine in the otherbrowsers. (Opera doesn't like zero value font sizes >.>, Safari... was pretty kind, actually, Chrome was mostly identical, and there are some places where it overlaps or runs over in IE that would bug the shit out of me, personally, if I used IE. But I don't.)
Screen: Percent based, so all.

Credits: Icons from Some Random Dude and Fam Fam fam.

Notes: zeeexito gave me a color palette to work with - this is what came out. I'm actually really really fond of it for some reason.

To Use: 1. Go to the customize page and type "Minimalism" into the search box.
2. Select the theme "Aquatic Moon." (This is important.)
3. Click customize your theme, then the custom CSS link.
4. Set both dropdown menus to NO, and leave the external stylesheet option empty.
5. Paste the code in the Custom Stylesheet space.
Code: Preview Image.

If you find any bugs, please let me know and I'll get on them asap.
Also, if you liked or used, please let me know!
and, obligatory, please link to yearzeta in your profile or sidebar if you used :).

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Loving this - love the links, summary and calendar so neatly at the bottom of the page. Also really like the links for profile, friends, etc being down the side the way they are and the colours. Really excellent and not making it any easier to stop changing my layouts every time you create a new one!! I think this is my favourite out of the last three.

I love your creativity, I really do! This is a very nifty and neat layout with fresh yet soft colours. I like!

i am quite fond of this, great work :)

just thought i'd let you know of one bug i noticed. if for some reason you don't add tags to your entry, and you select a mood/current music for that entry, it tends to overlap the "leave a comment" bit.

Love this, am using it right now. Thank you, it looks great!

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

This is so much fun! I love the links down the side; memming for future use!

ooo...I love this layout! <3 Is it possible to add a banner?

Thank you! I'm using this now (with some kinks though) and linking to your credit of course ;)

Surprised this isn't getting much love. This is so functional and innovative, omg I love it ♥
I could never make something as sleek as this. Way to go!

I fell in love with this layout, very good job :D

i remember saving this to memories for future use looong ago....
well, the mood struck and i'm currently using it (and will be for a very looong time)


credit in profile!

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