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Minimalism: Hold Your Color
sulfuricfusion wrote in yearzeta
I kid you not, I have about ten unfinished layouts sitting on my computer. I just can't seem to finish them. Also, there is still more to come from the Dangerverse series! Here, have one. And another to come in a few days.

Preview Image. | temporary live preview at yearzeta
featuring: custom icons, sidebar, comment page, calendar
layout by sulfuricfusion @ yearzeta

Hold Your Color
(Minimalism lyt for Aquatic Moon)
Browser: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE.
IE... the journal title and subtitle have conspicuously gone missing in IE, but other than that it's mostly good. As good as IE gets.

Screen: Best viewed 1024x768+, but the only issue with smaller is the links at the bottom of the entries - they overlap.

Credits: Icons from Some Random Dude and Dry Icons.

Notes: This is best viewed with a short journal title/subtitle. If your journal title/subtitle get all mushed, you can change the size of the text. Find:
.header h2{
.header h3{

and replace the font-size:#px numbers with smaller numbers.

To Use: 1. Go to the customize page and type "Minimalism" into the search box.
2. Select the theme "Aquatic Moon." (This is important.)
3. Click customize your theme, then the custom CSS link.
4. Set both dropdown menus to NO, and leave the external stylesheet option empty.
5. Paste the code in the Custom Stylesheet space.

Code: Preview Image.

If you find, bugs, glitches, and other unsightlies, please let me know! I'll get on fixing them asap.
Also, if you liked or used, I'd really like to know. It feeds my ego.
(And the obligatory: if you use, please link to yearzeta either in your sidebar or profile!)

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This is amazing. Just...amazing.

It's just so fresh and bright and crazy amazing.
Definitely marking it for later~

Will naturally credit;
small question though, would it be okay to change the brilliant green to another colour?

I am using this. Thank you for sharing!

I absolutely LOVE this layout, and am using it (and credited you in my profile.)

But I'm having some weird things happen on Chrome. It looks fine in Firefox, but on from there are random characters appearing places.

here's a screenshot

Any ideas?

It seems that Chrome does this to all of my layouts - it doesn't interpret % values the same and I'm not sure how to fix that. Sorry I can't be of more help.

No worries! I'll either learn to live with it or change my layout.

It's such a gorgeous layout I don't want to give it up, though! :P

I managed to find this theme somehow from Google, and I loved it! Thanks so much. Definitely crediting you. XD

Hi :)

I really liked this layout and wanted to use it but it doesn't look like your preview! Mine isn't quite displaying as I'd hoped. The only edits I've made were to some colours and images and the journal title size as it was overlapping. Is there something I'm missing or that may have gotten cut out? I tried replacing the CSS and starting from scratch again in case, but I get the same results.

Many thanks!

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